Associate Professor of Psychology

School Of Education and Behavior Sciences Teaching Award

August 2011

Hackler Teaching Excellence Award

November 2013

Cavazos was nominated by Hannah Smart, a Lawton communications major who is minoring in psychology. Smart acknowledged Cavazos’ commitment to students, writing, “She goes above and beyond, especially outside the classroom. She responds to emails at all hours. Dr. Cavazos keeps up with many sections of classes and still has time to talk to students who are no longer in her classes and she will not have in class ever again.” Smart mentioned how Cavazos took the time to meet with her to discuss post-graduate possibilities, even though Cavazos is not her adviser and Smart was no longer enrolled in any of her classes.

“I am proud to be charged with the responsibility of helping shape a new generation of individuals,” Cavazos writes in her statement of teaching philosophy. “I am aware that my impact permeates beyond the realm of the subject matter I am teaching, and I strive to instill fundamental skills and abilities in my students that can enhance their ability to excel regardless of their chosen path.”

Dr. Jenel T. Cavazos

Advisor of the year

May 2012

"Dr. Jenel Cavazos, Assistant Professor of Psychology, and advisor for Psi Chi, was named Student Organization Advisor of the Year."

President's Distinguished Faculty Mentoring Program Outstanding Mentor Award 

April 2016

​The President’s Distinguished Faculty Mentoring Program Outstanding Mentor recognizes outstanding faculty members for contributions to the students participating in the mentoring program and for promoting mentoring. The faculty are nominated by students who participated in the mentoring program.

"​Dr. C's guidance was so helpful in my first semester. She was incredibly easy to talk to and joke around with. Whenever I talked to her it always felt like she was really listening to me and engaged in the conversation. Having a Dr in front of her name I was worried she might be rather intimidating but she was intelligent without seeming like the walking encyclopedia that I was worried I would meet. I'm so grateful that she took the time to clarify some of the concepts from her class as well as sometimes simply discuss some psychology related topic, it has definitely driven an interest in the field for me. I also can't say enough about her simple kindness and understanding, when one of us would open up about our lives she would share something as well about her time in school or her life outside of the university. I will always be grateful for having Dr. C as a mentor, and because of her I would wholeheartedly encourage all incoming freshmen to be a part of the mentoring program."

University of Choice Award

April 2014

​“Dr. Cavazos has met the needs of the citizens of the region by providing instruction of the highest quality, performing research with students to improve instruction, and worked tirelessly sponsoring student organizations and serving on departmental and university committees to make Cameron University the University of Choice,” the nominator wrote. Among the many specifics detailed were Cavazos’ work in developing new resources and tools for the PSY 1113 General Psychology class, which serves more than 500 students each semester, her development of two online classes, and her role in developing a test to assess the General Education Ethics Student Learning Outcome that is now used in all general psychology classes. The nominator also cited Cavazos’ inclusion of students in her research efforts, which provides opportunities for students to present posters at various research conferences.